Consumption credits for a defined project

If you want to borrow money for a project, the credit assigned is for you. Proposed by a financial institution, it will allow you to make a specific purchase whether it is a good or service.

The appropriated appropriation

In this sense, the amount borrowed during an assigned credit serves only to the project. If the purchase is not made, the credit allocated will be canceled.

The total amount of the appropriated appropriation must be between € 200 and € 75,000 for a duration of at least more than 3 months. Here are some examples of credits allocated:

  • Auto credit/motorcycle credit;
  • The credit works;
  • The travel credit …

Personal microcredit

Personal microcredit is a loan for people who have difficulty obtaining credit from a bank because of their low income or employment situation. To benefit from it, it is nevertheless necessary to have a personal project attached to a professional or social activity.

This loan has an amount between € 300 and € 5,000 depending on the income of the applicants, over a period of between 6 months and 4 years (or even 5 years in some cases). To apply, you must contact an association or social center as a municipal center for social action (CCAS).

Consumption credits for a cash flow requirement

At the same time, if you wish to have a sum of money to satisfy several purchases or simply have cash in case of hardships, other options are available to you.

The personal loan

personal loan

The personal loan is a classic consumer credit and allows you to freely use the amount borrowed from a financial institution. You will do what you want with this money, either spend it or keep it. However, in all cases, you still have the obligation to repay the entire amount borrowed. The amount and duration of this type of credit vary depending on the lending institution.

Revolving credit

Revolving credit

The revolving credit or revolving credit allows you to have available cash that you can use whenever you want to make purchases in one or more times. A maximum amount is authorized by the lending institution or commercial sign. When you reimburse the amount used, a new available credit is allowed within the ceiling.

Here, the duration of the contract is one year, renewable each year. Most of the time, you will have a credit card to use the amount available under this permanent credit. These private credit cards are generally limited to the points of sale of the network or store in question.

Choose well according to your needs

Choose well according to your needs

The first thing to do when faced with the multitude of consumer credit offers is to properly define your needs. Indeed, if you want a fixed project, you can direct you directly to an assigned credit, for the purchase of a car or to do work in your home.

Similarly, if your project is not completely defined or if you are planning and want to have a pool of money available directly, a personal loan or even a revolving credit can be interesting solutions. However, keep in mind that these types of conso credits have higher interest rates resulting in a higher total cost.

Compare offers to find the best consumer loan

Compare offers to find the best consumer loan

In any case, simulating consumption credits is the simplest solution to find the offer that best fits your expectations, your needs. In just a few minutes, several solutions from Anna Christiement will be available to you and will allow you to get a clear idea of ​​the monthly payments, the interest rate and the total cost of your consumer credit.

On, you just have to select the type of credit you want, the amount, duration and monthly payments desired. Also choose when funds will be available from where you can get a quick loan. Finally, some information about your personal, professional and financial situation will be required to find you a credit conso cheap.